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Walking over to the two officers, who still had not moved portjartiere , he took out a pair of handcuffs and tossed them to Willie. „Just hook her up to that pole over there. You’ll not give us any trouble will you?” The older nurse shook her head and was handcuffed to the pole by Willie.

She mumbled something about a couple of doors down the massage hall. Cutter told Carl to go down carefully and see if he could find some clothes. Turning to the nurse he again put the scalpel in front of her face and said, „Now lets get better party acquainted. Willie is going to release you and you will not move one muscle. If you do I’ll cut your throat. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?” The nurse stiffened and nodded her head yes.

„OK Willie, let her go.” Willie released the clikz tight grip he had on the older nurse and stepped back. The nurse didn’t move a muscle. „Name?”, asked Cutter, „I need a name to get close.”