Shemales Yasmin Dornelles and Bruna Ferrari Use a Guy for Pleasure


What’s the matter, Dad,” I asked, “don’t you like my pussy? Look how pink it is.” With that I reached down and pulled open my labia to show my dad my vagina. “Can you see my hymen,” I asked as I spread my vagina open as much as I could? “See, Dad, I’m still a virgin.” Next to push a little further, I tugged up on my clit hood to reveal my little pearl. “And here is my clit, Dad. It’s just begging for you to touch it or lick it. I’ve told you, Dad. You can touch me anywhere you want. You can use your hands, your lips, your tongue, your …” “Beth, please don’t do this to me. Believe me, if I could be with you, I would. But it just isn’t right, not to mention illegal and an excuse for your mother to murder me. If you can’t control yourself better, I’m going to have to insist that you are not allowed to walk around here without panties on. To protect myself, I may have to tell your mother what you’ve been doing.