Drew and Pierce Enjoy The Sex Therapy


Breaking the soft kiss, he said, I was going to make you walk in Cornelia‘s room with my cum on your face, but I think I will save that for if you fail tonight. I gasped at his naughtiness, although relieved for the brief reprieve, „You are such a bad boy.” And you are such a good mom, he smiled back.I scooped his cum off my forehead and put it in my mouth. „I doubt I am going to win Mother of the Year.”

You would in my books, he smiled, kissing me again.Now go finish your task, he said, slapping my ass, before going back to the living room.

I went and had a cold, cold shower as I tried to cool down, it having kind of worked last time. An afternoon of lesbian innuendo with Andreea, mixed with more sexual risk and humiliation from Michael had me really revved up. Thankfully, although the shower didn’t extinguish the fire completely, it did calm me down considerably. As I looked in the mirror, I pondered was I really going to seduce my daughter?

Three hours later, Escorte Sibiu and I were dressed and heading out for a night on the town.Michael, who had resumed his docile, nerdy self, complimented us. Wow, you two look really nice.