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With tears flowing down her cheeks Debbie made a plea, „Please, I’ll cooperate with you, but don’t buzy hurt my children, they’re young.” Cary gently touched her hand and said, „Hurt has many definitions, maybe what you would call hurt, some would call a learning experience.” Again Noemy spasmed and again her thoughts ran wild. What did this man mean, did it mean what she dreaded to think but couldn’t stop from filling her mind. Dawn only sixteen and Romyna just thirteen, no it wasn’t possible, was it? The look in Cutter’s eye’s gave her the answer, it was not only possible it was assured.

„You’re going to rape me aren’t you?, she sobbed softly. „No,” replied Cutter, „We’re going make love, all of us. What better way for house guests to be elegant treated?” Debbie just shook her head and dropped her chin to her chest. ” This is how it is going to be Debbie, and any deviation from these instructions will cause great pain and suffering to those who do so.” With that silato stood up and in a strong voice began to read his „rules for house guests”.